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by: Highland Homewares on

The Serveitup, a great de-clutter option. Simply attach it to the bottom of any of your favourite serving plates and in an instant you have a personalised serving plate. Come in to Highland Homewares and check out the real thing but for now, go on watch the video....... more

Why does this work?

by: Michael Gruar on

So we just unpacked a heap of new glasses and thought we would test them out, like in the movies. Can anyone tell us why this works? more

Cupcakery PART 2

by: Blog Administrator on

In the last post you saw just a few ideas for the actual basis of the cupcake and a few examples of how to put it all together. This time you're going to see a focus on decorations. Cupcakes with humor are always a crowd pleaser and a great way to start a conversation. There are many versions of TV dinner cupcake decorations, but this is my favourite combo: PEAS & CARROTS: you'll need RUNTS candies (separate the green round candies from the bunch and put the others aside), orange NOW AND LATER candies or STARBURST candies (cut into small bits), and green frosting of your more


by: Blog Administrator on

No matter what the new trend is, cupcakes will always be a staple in the pastry world. Maybe it's the fun twist of frosting or the sprinkles..... There's always so much fun to be had and little things you can do differently even if you're using a box recipe (most of us do). One of my family's favourites is a black forest cupcake. Super easy and presentable for parties. Use the darkest chocolate cake mix possible, we normally use devil's food. That's the boring part- the fun part is the toppings. You'll need the typical Black Forest fixings- cherry pie filling, and vanilla frosting more

Fun Summer Kid's Birthday Cake Idea

by: Blog Administrator on

Kid's birthday's are always a blast, mainly because you get to give them those little details that you missed out on when you were their age. There are so many versions of cakes that it's hard to decide what to do. I suppose I'm lucky that my son likes the easiest to make one the best. Even the girls in his class get a kick out of this one. If you want to be the 'cool mom', you'll have to try this cake out. Just remember that this particular cake is more of a pudding texture than it is a cake, so you'll use smaller-wider plastic cups and spoons rather than plates and forks. One final ment more

What Size Cake Tin Do I Need.......

by: Highland Homewares on

Here at Highland Homewares one of the most popular questions we get asked is how to prepare cake tins prior to baking and how many people will that size cake tin serve? Cake tin prep is an important part of creating the perfect cake, follow these simple steps to make your next cake the best it possible can. Here are the tips Highland Homewares suggest. (/LiteratureRetrieve.aspx?ID=74469) Included in this is a generous cake size verse person chart. (/LiteratureRetrieve.aspx?ID=74469) Remember to give it a go next time you have to bake a cake and more