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Highland Homewares


by: Blog Administrator on

No matter what the new trend is, cupcakes will always be a staple in the pastry world. Maybe it's the fun twist of frosting or the sprinkles..... There's always so much fun to be had and little things you can do differently even if you're using a box recipe (most of us do). One of my family's favourites is a black forest cupcake. Super easy and presentable for parties. Use the darkest chocolate cake mix possible, we normally use devil's food. That's the boring part- the fun part is the toppings. You'll need the typical Black Forest fixings- cherry pie filling, and vanilla frosting more

Fun Summer Kid's Birthday Cake Idea

by: Blog Administrator on

Kid's birthday's are always a blast, mainly because you get to give them those little details that you missed out on when you were their age. There are so many versions of cakes that it's hard to decide what to do. I suppose I'm lucky that my son likes the easiest to make one the best. Even the girls in his class get a kick out of this one. If you want to be the 'cool mom', you'll have to try this cake out. Just remember that this particular cake is more of a pudding texture than it is a cake, so you'll use smaller-wider plastic cups and spoons rather than plates and forks. One final ment more

The winner is ......

by: Michael Gruar on

Well it's has been a lot of fun over the last 12 weeks, but the Highland Homewares FREE Kitchenaid drawer is just about over. Check out the video to see who the lucky winner is. Thanks to all those who have joined the Highland Homewares facebook family. more