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Introducing our EPIC Cake Decorating Workshop

by: Highland Homewares on

We are really excited at the moment, excited about our new ideas coming into reality and thought you should be the first to hear about it. 

Have you ever wanted to learn how to do something? Or what makes that work? I have. 

We will be holding workshops on cake decorating, this might not appeal to everyones interest but I'm sure your licking your lips thinking about Chocolate Mud Cake covered in ganache and topped with fondant, sugar flowers and decorations to boot. The thing is why just eat the cake when you can be taught to make the it, you've heard the saying "give the man a loaf of bread and he's fed for a day, teach him how to bake and he's fed for a lifetime" well this is what we are talking about. Giving you the skills to create wonderful birthday cakes for your kids and family, feeling the excitement and being proud when you hear people exclaim "wow this cake is amazing!!' It really is a special feeling. We have limited places available each fortnight and it is strictly adults only event (not like that, you will need to arrange a baby sitter!!) 

I'm sure you've seen other classes offered at similar stores, but ours is truly superior because we're interested in providing quality rather than quantity. We promise to maintain extremely small class sizes (maximum of 6 students) per class. So everyone gets one on one time with our instructor and will truly benefit from this class. Learn how to work with some common cake decorating tools. Among these: ganache and fondant are probably the most difficult requiring the most discipline and patience. You can master these techniques in 6 hours. The skills you get from this class will last you a lifetime.

You'll also learn how to work with menina paste - and manipulate it into beautiful flowers and other decorations for your cakes.
I'm sure you've heard of ganache, but not everyone knows what it means exactly. Ganache is that gorgeous mirrored glaze you see in chocolate. Learn to create this gorgeous coating with perfection from consistency to application you'll learn it all.

Fondant work has many tricks that are used in the cake industry and you'll learn some of the most valuable. Learn how to roll it, colour it, repair it and prep the cake for its application. Fondant is one of the most versatile tools that you can use when decorating not only cakes, but cupcakes and cookies as well. A little challenging at first, but you'll soon get the hang of it with our expert instructor's tricks of the trade.