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Foodie Group for December

by: Michael Gruar on

Christmas 2013

The November meeting brought us some delicious frozen treats. We were a small group this week but certainly not lacking in enthusiasm. Alison made a beautiful frozen raspberry yogurt and a Nutella gelato. I made Baileys and then made it into an ice cream. We also shared some delicious dip and Kim brought a baked savour pastry with fig and blue cheese which we washed down with some lovely wine. Was a great night and we went away with some ideas and tips for making our own ice creams, shall definitely be giving my KitchenAid ice cream bowl a work out this summer!

Christmas 2013

Given that Christmas is approaching at warp speed we felt it was appropriate to do a Christmas food night. Feel free to bring that sort of food along, maybe a practice run for something you are planning over the holiday season? Perhaps we can all toss around ideas for what we would like to try at Christmas. Bring along recipes, magazines, questions and ideas and we can all start to get organised for tasty treats over the coming months. There might even be some mulled wine to get into the spirit of Christmas!

Look forward to seeing you all there. Feel free to bring friends along, it is a nice social night to talk about our common love of food. Whether you are a great cook, or just enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labour everyone is welcome.