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Lotus Grill Smokeless Charcoal BBQ Part 1

by: Megan Gruar on

We have just got the Lotus Grill Smokeless Charcoal BBQ in store.  So we wanted to share more information with you so you know why this is a revolution in portable BBQs.

What makes this bbq different to other charcoal bbq’s?

This BBQ has so many features but one of the most important is its speed, most charcoal BBQ’s take up to 40mins to begin cooking, LotusGrill® only takes 3‐4mins. It is easy to assemble and dismantle and the charcoal lights easily and quickly.

It is light and portable and weights only 4 kilograms. It doesn’t require electricity or gas. You have total control over the temperature by adjusting its inbuilt fan. It is extremely safe to use with its double walled construction. The outer bowl will never become hot, eliminating potential for hand burns. The ‘bellows’ airflow system allows the charcoal to burn very quickly at high heat, thus preventing smoke.

Why would I buy charcoal over a gas bbq?

Flavour, it is natural product and no annoying gas bottle to carry around.
Affordability, charcoal used in the LotusGrill® costs around .60c per hour.

Why is the Lotus Grill a healthy option?

Grilling with the LotusGrill® ensures a low fat and therefore calorie‐conscious cooking of food. Because of its design excess fat cannot reach the charcoal and burn, substances such as polycyclic aromatic hrydrocarbons, benzopyrene are produced with conventional charcoal grills and not the Lotus Grill.

What is the dial on the side for?

This is a battery‐operated fan, so that it can draw air in as in a bellows system, forcing air into it allowing precise temperature control, eliminating food burning associated with conventional BBQ’s.

How long do the batteries last for?

The batteries supplied will last approximately 40‐60 hours of run time. Replacement battery run time will vary depending on the quality of the batteries used. You can also use rechargeable batteries.

How long do the mesh containers last?

Depending on the usage, but overtime you may need to replace the mesh container as it is put under considerable stress of high heat. Generally speaking, it should last a long time.